Coaching Staff

Coach Buffy Hall: This is Coach Hall’s 25th year coaching for the Midland Dolphins. She was a Midland Dolphin swimmer from the age of 715. She also coaches the Midland High Girls Swim Team, Jefferson Girls Swim Team, Jefferson Boys Swim Team and the Midland Country Club Swim Team. When she is not coaching swimming, and teaching private swim lessons, she is teaching art at Woodcrest and Blessed Sacrament.

Coach Hall and her husband Randy have three children. Katie earned her masters from CMU earlier this month in Speech Pathology and recently got a job in Midland. Katie and her finance Stephen (swam at Alma College) are getting married August 12. Tommy graduated from Albion College in May with a degree in biochemistry and is home looking for a job. (If you know anyone who is looking for a chemist, let Coach Hall know)! Lauren is a junior at Albion studying communications and Spanish. Lauren also swims on the Albion Swim Team.

**Assistant Coaches**

Coach Matt Luther:

Coach Susie Soderberg:  Coach Susie was an U.S.A. competitive swimmer for thirteen years competing in Michigan, Indiana, and Texas.  Susie is a former Midland Dolphins swimmer and competed for seven years with our team.  Susie’s prior coaching experience included two years as an assistant with the Midland Dolphins and three years with the Midland Country Club.  Susie is a former Jefferson Middle school and Dow High School swimmer, and still holds eight intermediate school records.  Susie is a stay at home mom and home educator to her eight children, four of whom swim with the Dolphins:  Eli, Gabe, Felicity, Claire, Luke, Cecilia, Lucy and Michael.

Coach Kevin White: Sophomore at Case Western Reserve University, where I am studying computer science. I started swimming in the Dolphin program when I was in 4th grade, and went on to join the Barracuda teams and swim at the state meet. I also swam at Dow High where I was swim captain. I have worked with the Community Center coaching the Porpoise group. I have lifeguarded at the Country Club for a number of years as well, in addition to coaching their swim team last year.

Coach Zach Fewkes:

Coach Andrea Dubois:

Coach Brook Prohaska: